Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Realistic model dinosaur costume from Netherlands


Realistic model dinosaur costume from Netherlands


 Realistic model dinosaur costume from Netherlands

 walking dinosaur costume for kids
this dinosaur costume is a baby is only 24kg. and it has 9 kinds of movements.flexible movements give me best real life.

23 countries customers like ours' realistic dinosaur costume

walking with dinosaur costume

In China,we are the best dinosaur costume factory.

Until now!  we have made 247 Items,if and this costume from Necherlands is one of them.

kids amusement park life size robot dinosaur-costume-rental

Walking with dinosaurs costume

    The total movments become 9 kinds.

      1.forelimb moving(new),
      2. Eyes moving(new),
      3. Puff(new),

      5.head up and down
      6.head left and right
      7.neck around
      9.mouth open and close

realistic walking dinosaur costume adults

Best control and vivid movements

All of 9 kinds of movements can control by the handle

realistic dinosaur model for sale

realistic dinosaur costume adults
animatronic real dinosaur costume

dinosaur costume in mall

2.7meters long dinosaur puppet on neck

it is only 6kg, and the neck can moving is name's "neck puppet dinosaur"

performance can wear it on the neck.and if you like the neck dinosaur costume,it is the cheapest price for you dinosaur dream.

 If you like it,please tell me,we will send more video of this new dinosaur costume to you !