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Latin name Lufengosaurus
Chinese name Lu Fenglong
Classification diapsida at the beginning of the dragon shaped times at the beginning of the subclass of dragon shaped initial Dragon Bird neck dinosaur super saurischian Rhynchocephalia foot shaped suborder original sauropod suborder massospondylidae?
Body length 4.5-8 M
Weight 250-700 kg
Early Jurassic era
Distribution of China's Yunnan Province Chuxiong Lufeng Shawan County, Chong, Wuding County in the lower Lufeng formation (lower Lufeng formation; Sichuan Province, Zigong City Liangshuijing Ziliujing formation (Ziliujing formation)
Environmental Basin
Feeding habits
Named Young, 1941
A type L. huenei to Lu Fenglong
Other kinds of Magnus Young L., 1947 giant Peter Feng long
Lufengosaurus Lufengosaurus description is described by Chinese scientists and named the first dinosaur of the genus, and is China's earliest rack exhibition of dinosaur. In 1941, the Chinese vertebrate paleontology father Yang Zhongjian (C. C. young or Yang Zhong-Jian, 1897 - 1979, word Keqiang) Mr. according to the fossils to find Bian Meinian named the lufengosaurus the type species of the genus L. huenei (Lufengosaurus huenei young, 1941), called "huenei" is Yang Zhongjian Mr. of the teacher and the German paleontologist Xu Nai Friedrich von Huene, 1875 - 1969) name; Mr. Yang Zhongjian to this important discovery edit published "China paleontology new gamma No. 7 Xushi Lufeng dragon". L. huenei holotype IVPP V 15 is a with nearly complete skeleton, with a good product phase of the skull. The skull is missing anterior maxilla and a portion of the jaw, left squamosal and. In 1941, Xushi Lufeng dragon in at the time of the Provisional Capital Chongqing North culture exhibition, the skeleton is China's first dinosaur shelved, at the time caused no small sensation.
ET (the other one, (the new Mr. in 1947, Yang Zhongjian according to some of the large sacrum and belt in "China paleontology Chi gamma 12 giant Lufeng Dragon (new species) and Xushi Lufeng dragon new material" describes the Lufeng dragon belongs to the second species, the giant Lufeng dragon Lufengosaurus Magnus young in 1947. However, and Xu Yuanchong's Lufeng dragon compared to giant Lufeng dragon except its size by about three points, and not too much difference, so foreign scholars think giant Lufeng dragon just large Xushi Lufeng dragon individuals, and suggested that the giant Lufeng dragon classified into type Xushi Lufeng dragon Galton Upchurch, 2004).
Lufengosaurus mainly found in China's Yunnan Province Chuxiong Lufeng Shawan County, Chong, Wuding County in lower Lufeng formation (lower Lufeng formation, the lower Lufeng formation is at present in our country the dinosaur bearing animal fossils of the oldest strata, called "Lufeng dragon lizard fauna". Mr. Yang Zhongjian initially placed in the lower Lufeng group Triassic system, because lower Lufeng group found fossils of tetrapods and Triassic strata found in Europe in comparison with similar and comparison of Lufeng dragon are similar to those found in southern Germany in Dragon Plateosaurus; however, recent studies found that lower Lufeng group belongs to the Middle Jurassic (Luo et Wu, 1995), that is contained in this set of strata fossils of animals living era should be early Jurassic and later than they are in Europe similar.
In 1979, Zigong Salt History Museum in the limestone strata, Zigong City, Sichuan Province Liangshuijing Ziliujing formation (Ziliujing formation Ann village found the a broken left mandible, by Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and ancient human research institute of Dong Zhiming identification and giant Lufeng dragon is similar, tentatively scheduled for like a giant Lufeng Dragon (cf. Lufengosaurus Magnus Dong, 1984); the relationship between the fossil and lufengosaurus has not yet been established, but it found that Ziliujing formation belongs to Middle Jurassic, and possible Lufeng dragon lizard fauna.
Lufeng dragon belongs to the early herbivorous dinosaur sauropod dinosaur (Prosauropoda), this type of dinosaur is a variety of dinosaurs "hanging" earlier, although they are in the Late Triassic three was very prosperous, but it is generally believed that the sauropod dinosaur in the early Jurassic before the end of extinction, there may be a few the remaining to the Middle Jurassic; past that sauropod dinosaur is a large sauropod thrives in the Jurassic and Cretaceous (Sauropoda) dinosaur ancestors, but now the research is generally believed that the original sauropod dinosaurs and sauropod dinosaurs although there is a relatively close relationship, are saurischians sauropodomorpha (Sauropodomorpha), but not the ancestor descendant relationship, the sauropod dinosaur left no offspring disappear in Jurassic forest has a wild profusion of vegetation.
Traditionally, lufengosaurus think Lufeng dragon is close to Germany found in Dragon (young, 1941, 1947), so classified plateosauridae (Plateosauridae); but on, Lufeng dragon, dragon board and angstrom Dragon (Efraasia) specific relationship also exists some problems (Sereno, 1999, swofford, 2004). ,, and ((Massospondylidae et relatively close to) (Massospondylus sandstone forest but there are also people think Lufeng dragon and in South Africa Middle Jurassic Elliot formation (upper Eliot formation) and Zimbabwe (forest sandstone formation found a raw sauropod dinosaur massospondylus relationship (Cooper, 1981, Yates kitching, 2003, Yates, 2007), all belong to the massospondylidae) and even massospondylus (Cooper, 1981), but Barrett, Paul M. Barrett), Epycher Azee Paul Upchurch Wang Xiaolin think they basioccipital process form of frontal bone and orbital position difference (Barrett Upchurch and Wang, 2005). Someone suggested Chinese "gyposaurus" ("Gyposaurus sinensis") and Lu Fenglong is most closely, belongs to a branch (G

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