Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Realistic model dinosaur costume from Netherlands


Realistic model dinosaur costume from Netherlands


 Realistic model dinosaur costume from Netherlands

 walking dinosaur costume for kids
This dinosaur costume is a baby T-rex.
and it has 9 kinds of movements.flexible movements give me best real life.

23 countries customers like ours' realistic dinosaur costume

walking with dinosaur costume

kids amusement park life size robot dinosaur-costume-rental
Walking with dinosaurs costume
   The total movments become 9 kinds.
      1.forelimb moving(new),
      2. Eyes moving(new),
      3. Puff(new),
      5.head up and down
      6.head left and right
      7.neck around
      9.mouth open and close

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realistic dinosaur costume adults
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