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Dinosaur costume for kids party


Dinosaur costume for kids party


 dinosaur costume for kids party

This is a dinosaur party for kids in UK,It is the customer's 23th dinosaur party.

realistic dinosaur costume for sale

T-rex costume adults

     Ours' dinosaur costume has very vivid movments. There are three new movments of dinosaur.

    The total movments become 9 kinds.

      1.forelimb moving(new),

 2. Eyes moving(new),

      3. Puff(new),
      5.head up and down
      6.head left and right
      7.neck around
      9.mouth open and close

realistic dinosaur suit
Customized walking with robotic dinosaur costume
High quality mascot costumes dino for sale

    If you like it,please tell me,we will send more video of this new dinosaur costume to you !


realistic walking dinosaur costume show
The children play with the T-rex dinosaur.they are very happy.
real life dinosaur costume party
real size dinosaur costume
life size dinosaur costume

dinosaur model