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520 million tons a year dinosaur fart suicidal

Dinosaurs may be partly to blame for a change in climate because they created so much flatulence, according to leading scientists, the Daily Mail reported. Professor Graeme Ruxton of St. Andrews University, Scotland, said large plant-eating sauropods would have been the main culprits because of the huge amounts of greenery they consumed.

One of the animals, a 90-ton argentinosaurus, which measured 140 feet in length, would have consumed at least half a ton of food in one day.

The team calculated the animals would have collectively produced more than520 million tons of methane a year -. More than all today's modern sources put together It is thought these huge amounts could easily have been enough to warm the planet It is even possible that the. climate change was so catastrophic that it caused the dinosaurs' eventual demise.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that some mainstream scientists say dinosaurs too much methane gas emissions, which may cause climate change. Professor Graeme Ruxton of St Andrews University, said the large sauropod herbivores may be the culprit of global warming, because they consume too much greenery.

One of them Argentina dinosaur, weighing 90 tons, length 140 feet (about 43 meters), a day to eat half a ton of food.

Graeme research team calculated that all dinosaurs produced a total of 520 million tons of methane per year, even more than today, the source of all the methane produced together. They believe that such a large amount of methane gas is sufficient to cause global warming, and the disastrous consequences of climate warming, and therefore the extinction of the dinosaurs.