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Adult Walking Dinosaur Costume for funny


Adult Walking Dinosaur Costume for funny Adult Walking Dinosaur Costume for funny Adult Walking Dinosaur Costume for funny

Adult Walking dinosaur costume for funny

*The super impressive dinosaur costume is customized by the requirements of our clients. We cost about 18 days to finish it by hand and then send it to Ireland for parties.

*dinosaur be tested in factory before delivery.......


1. mouth open and close synchronized with dinosaur roaring sound;                      

2. head up and down-left to right; 

3. walking;

4. eyes blinking.
Manual Operation:

1. The performer can operate the handle, which can moving the mouth, eyes,neck, tail.

2. The costume has camera, the performer can be observed external circumstances.

3. This costume use new mechanical structure, any performer can quickly learn the all kinds of action, and action is very realistic.


*What is the Payment?

1.Bank transfer;


You could pay us through Trade Assurance by Alibaba to protect your money.
After you pay us advance payment,and we need to send the goods in time.
If we did not send dinosaur to you and you could ask Alibaba company to return your money.
Our company has paid deposit to Alibaba. 

Open the door....get on the floor....everybody walk the dinosaur.....

*What is the material of the dinosaur?

Welcome to contact us......

*Do you want to try it in the special events or some birthday parties? 

Please feel free to contact me. ( I will reply you in one worker day.