Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Adult dinosaur suit-investigation

And the investigation on mechanisms of structural color has become an important aspect of bionics.In this thesis, experiments and simulations have been combined to investigate the optical properties of Morpho butterfly wing scales.
For some typical motion instances, the responding characteristics have been discussed by digital simulation and the butterfly-effect and sensitivity to initial values have also been observed. Accordingly the existence of chaotic phenomenon in brushless thruster motor for deepwater robot is proved.
Therefore, this topology has the characteristic of multistage. Simulation analyses show that, BFC inherits the rich path diversity of Clos network, and it has a better performance than butterfly network in throughput and delay in a quite congested traffic pattern.
Presently, people have done some research on dynamic objects visualization using techniques such as simulation and visualization in scientific computing, but there are not many researches on integrating dynamic objects such as running cars, aflutter flags, flying butterflies into 3D GIS.
The result can provide data for the consequence antenna structure design.The simulation results show that on condition of imitated total length for antenna array, the striation can be optimal when taking the array interval as the only variable and the 2 elements in the middle of 4 element linear array close to each other while 4 elements of circular array distribution in the circumference as Butterfly shapes can be the optimal structure.