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Animal ride on toys animal rider


Animal ride on toys animal rider


 Animal ride on toys animal rider

How to run animal rides business?
A. Put it shopping mall, park, game center or playground, rent a place
B, Rent for party, meeting, advertising
C, Resale and wholesale as kids toy rides.
Animal ride on toys animal rider

We can provide 43 different models, and our products have passed CE.
These Animal ride on toys animal rider enjoy good reputation from our clients of USA, Netherland, Spain, Peru,
UK, Russia, Chile, Australia, Canada.etc.
Our Main business/products:
1. Coin operated machines for kids, Our products have passed the CE certification.
 kiddie rides such as LCD, single-stand, double-stand, luxury kiddie rides.
We can supply over 600 different models of kiddie rides which can meet most of our clients demands.
animal rides: we can supply 43 different models of electronic walking toy animal rides and animal trains.
These items enjoy good reputation from our clients of USA, Netherland, Spain, Peru, UK, Russia, Chile, Australia, Canada.etc.. Lovely design and easy operation bring good profits and it is really nice investment item.
These machines are suitable to be put in amusement parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.
2. inflatable products: PVC tarpaulin inflatable castle, water park toys, inflatable tent, inflatable slide, etc.
3. Equipment for kids amusement parks/playground such as naughty castle, soft indoor playground,
carousel, mini train, revolving elevator, helicopters, horses, bumper cars, mini animal car etc.
We have successfully installed bumper cars area for our clients in different countries. 
4. Simulator machines such as shooting, racing, crane, redemption, basketball, dancing, air hockey,
music machines for game centers. You will find all the popular models in our website.
5. Gumball vending machines for candy, gumball, capsule toys. We can also supply candy,
gumball, capsule and toys which supply convenience to our clients.

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