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Animatronic dinosaur ride


Animatronic dinosaur ride


2013 Hot sale Amusement Park Animatronic dinosaur ride

Product Information
Size:1.6meters high, 4 meters long
Weight: 300kg
Power: 200-800w
General Movement
1.mouth open and close, 2.eyes blink, 3.head move,4.tail sway, 5.The body moving
Ride movement
1.There are two kinds of patterns can be adjusted moderate:
 normal or grumpy.
2.It’s start with coin-operated, Ride time can be adjusted animatronic dinosaur ride.
Main Materials
Steel, Foam, Motor, Rubber, Electric Parts etc.
Control box
The program of movement can be updated, Independent developed 
fourth-generation of control box.
Mechanical Frame
Stainless steel and brushless motor make Animatronic dinosaur ride using many years. Each animatronic dinosaur ride.
mechanical frame will be continuous operate testing 72 hours before modeling.
Sales Service
1.We provide theme park and exhibition landscape design.
2.We provide Poster design and brochure design.
3.We provide free installation services, Provide one time free disassembly and 
4.We provide Two years free maintenance, Provide a set of spare motor and repair
5.We provide Update of the action program and system.
Dinosaur Application
Amusement park equipment, playground equipment, outdoor playground and indoor 
playground equipment, science center,museum exhibits, theme park exhibits, 
education models, decoration equipments, model toys, festival exhibits, and holiday   
equipment and so on.


 Animatronic dinosaur ride



Walking dinosaur ride



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