Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Animatronic tree-The simulation of the production company profile

Sichuan, Zigong Province, Zigong Province, the company's main products are large scale simulation dinosaurs, large animals, all kinds of statues, all kinds of scene landscape production, to provide exhibition planning, all products can be customized according to customer demand, with excellent production team, rich experience, which has 10 years of experience design art.
The result can provide data for the consequence antenna structure design.The simulation results show that on condition of imitated total length for antenna array, the striation can be optimal when taking the array interval as the only variable and the 2 elements in the middle of 4 element linear array close to each other while 4 elements of circular array distribution in the circumference as Butterfly shapes can be the optimal structure.

Animatronic dinosuar t-rex