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Canuckosaur! Canada became the first dinosaur Dimetrodon Northern Lights

Finally the creation of Prince Edward Island, "dinosaur" fossils have been shown to have a steak knife-like teeth, researchers of T Mississauga, Carleton University and the Royal Ontario Museum, u must be renamed Dimetrodon northern lights first appear --marking The Dimetrodon fossils in Canada.

"It's really enjoyable to create detailed anatomy of the teeth after all that we can or or or identify precisely this tension Canadian fossil," nervous author 希尔丝廷布 Link, who did, and in the study, said UTM . "Dimetrodon is actually more closely related to mammals than it is a dinosaur." In fact, it is believed that they are about the extinction of the dinosaurs 40 million years ago.

The study, published in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, November 23 issue.

Fossil, known Bathygnathus past in Northern Lights, collected in 1845, while a farmer digging a well near the French River, PEI his property. Because there is no time in Canada fossils Natural History Museum was created, it was sold to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, where Joseph Leidy - a wonderful paleontologist - may or or research and name.

Leddy named fossil Bathygnathus (meaning deep chin) Aurora Borealis (from the north), because he mistakenly thought it was a dinosaur, similar to being collected in Europe, the jaw was large bipedal species.

The Bathygnathus specimen is the first "dinosaur" and named the second vertebrate fossils (Dendrerpeton from Canada, Nova Scotia to repent change an extinct amphibian, was named by Mr. Richard Owen months before). Some paleontologists studied Bathygnathus specimens, since it was first named, but its exact identity is unknown. Metaphor, it is unclear whether there is a signature Dimetrodon sail back - stretching through the process to create the structure of the spine between the backbone erect - or lack Like its little cousin sail Sphenacodon.

The use of genealogy and imaging skills, take a look at the internal anatomy of the fossil, the researchers create, eight retained tooth fossil connected Dimetrodon Division - the first land animals have "ziphodont" teeth.

"These are blade-shaped teeth along the back of the front portion and a small serrated teeth, like a steak knife," said Professor Robert Reisz, senior author of the study. "Root of these teeth are very long, around twice the length of the crown. Teeth this model is useful abnormal bite and rip flesh from their prey."

Dimetrodon fossil is now being created in the United States, Canada and Germany.


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