Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Dinosaur Fossil and Skeleton Replicas for amusement


Dinosaur Fossil and Skeleton Replicas for amusement


Dinosaur Fossil and Skeleton Replicas for amusement

Today our character is the dinosaur skeleton

                   Let me open it mysterious veil.........Triceratops skeleton


We have two kinds of dinosaur skeleton replicas, one is for Museum and another is for artcraft.


triceraptor skeleton

Our company located in the dinosaur town in Zigong. We are professional to make the skeleton for dinosaur museum. 

  we use special treatment to make the surface of the skeleton looks prehistoric ​


​    we make the color of the skeleton depend on the color of the local soil


triceraptor skeleton

We could make animatronic dinosaur in different size and types, it could be installed indoor or outdoor playground,because it is waterproof.

*What is the materials of this dinosaur skeleton?

  -Fiberglass,so it is waterproof and sunproof

dinsoaur skeleton

Some our related products

* what is the price?

 -the price is confirmed by the size of the skeleton, could you tell me what size you plan to do?

T-Rex head skeleton


*Could you tell me if you can make the Japaneses dinosaur skeleton? 

 -of course, we can produce the skeleton according to the native real sharp and color.

  Could you please provide us your picture and the color in your native soil.

   we will custom it for you client.

T-Rex skeleton

dinsoaur skeleton

   Do you want it?

                     Order me....