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Dinosaur Mascot Costume Raptor Costume


Dinosaur Mascot Costume Raptor Costume


 Dinosaur Mascot Costume Raptor Costume

This video is raptor costumes test the movments  before go to customer.

the workers will control the handle of dinosaur costume.and test the up and down,left and right,

if the workers find the movments can't move or not flexible. and the costume will go back to factory to check the problem.

The water playground park is a best place tor dinosaur show or birthday party of children.

This party is very success.23 children in the party. and very kids are have best chance to play with the dinosaur.

The customer tell me that he has 5 shows in the water park. and it is the best and biggest show in his city.

Dinosaur Mascot Costume Raptor Costume

This gril name's Lucy tian,she is a seller of our company. and she know how to take photo with dinosaurs.

walking robotic raptor dinosaur costume

A best dinosaur costume must have lightest weight, flexible control and life like color.

Appearance: Customers can customize all kinds of dinosaurs which has two legs(so that you can wear it),

 including real kinds of dinosaurs, designed(cartoon or drawing) dinosaurs, dinosaurs existed in movies or TV shows.

Semiautomatic control technique to make the costume more convenient for operation

 Different sounds played Alternately with synchronized movements,  makes the dino more real

( Dino will give different sounds to  synchronize different movements )

animatronic raptor dinosaur costume

Dinosaur Mascot Costume Raptor Costume

real size raptor dinosaur costume

walking puppet Raptor dinosaur costume

All our animatronic dinosaurs and simulation products are made up of well treated metal frame, servo motors driven

for movements, skined or fleshed with a high density foam, and manually sculpted and coated by a professional artist

with a high grade silicon rubber to have an alive-look and touch and flexible movements dinosaurs are finally painted

with a customer desired color.

Life like Adult Raptor Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Adult Raptor Dinosaur Costume For show

Life Size Adult Realistic Mechanical Raptor Dinosaur Costume

Life Like Adult Realistic Walking Dinosaur Raptor Costume