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Herbivorous ornithischian dinosaurs in the paintings

Herbivorous ornithischian dinosaurs in the paintings.
Beijing, July, 27, according to Singapore's "United Morning Post" reported that 1.5 million years ago in Siberia, the dinosaur fossils show that many dinosaurs may be different from the original imagination of scientists, in fact, have long feathers.
According to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that the research team responsible person Godefroid said, this discovery has completely changed our understanding of dinosaurs." Their findings have been published in the journal Science.
Newly discovered dinosaur was named Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus. The phi feathered herbivorous dinosaurs ca. 1 m tall, short snout, has a pair of long hind legs and two short forelimbs, and with five toes hard claws. They are clearly seen from the teeth are herbivores.
In 1996, the first time that the human have feathered dinosaur fossils from China, and later also found in other places, but they all belong to the carnivorous theropod dinosaurs (theropod).
The new found in Russia, belong to completely different herbivorous ornithischian dinosaur ornithischians. This is first discovered theropod dinosaur feathers. About half of the ornithischian dinosaurs belong to.
From Belgium Royal Institute of natural sciences Godefroid said that the discovery of the origin of feathers so that millions of years earlier than previously, he said: "it makes us very surprised, in Russia and China theropod dinosaurs ornithischian dinosaurs are found with feathers, this fact means that, in the common ancestor of 220 million years ago, these two types of dinosaurs may also have feathers."
(original title: the study says a lot of dinosaurs or with the imagination of different have long had feathers (Figure))


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