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Hidden Legs Dinosaur Suit Simulation Adult Dinosaur Costume


Hidden Legs Dinosaur Suit Simulation Adult Dinosaur Costume


                    Hidden Legs Dinosaur Suit Simulation Adult dinosaur costume  

Welcome to visit our dinosaur show....

walkdinosaur show

A good-shaped walking dinosaur costume has been made by us and will be sent to our UK customer next week.

Would you like to know more information about this fantastic dinosaur costume

Let me open its mysterious veil................ show time

dinosaur stainless skeleton

First step: design the stainless metal frame

*We need to know performer's height and size of shores, so that we can design a suitable frame according to performer's suit.

*Generally speaking, one dinosaur metal frame need two workers continuously work 7 days that can complete it.

*This is a technological procedure, polishing,welding,and so on, the whole process is made by the hand.

*install the battery,display,camera,sound box and fans, all movements were produced at this step.

carving pattern

Second step:sculpture 

* First, we need to stick the foam on the surface of the frame.

* Second, carving the sharp

* Third,using the silicone rubbery to adhere to the socks.

* Last: sculpture the patterns.


Third step: painting

This is a procedure to confirm the color with customer. 
dinosaur head

Fourth step: add all the spare parts, like the teeth,tongue,furs,chain and so on.
The tongue and the teeth. Darken the tongue,make it looks dirty and obsolete,
make the teeth look like the dinosaur needs to go to the dentist.

dinosaur show

Last step: Testing the dinosaur costume in our factory,and take a video to give customer a final confirmation.

It is time to roal......

The dinosaur have 7 kinds of roaling sounds,you can change it easily with a swith inside the dinosaur. 

Do you want to buy one to play with you?

I think it will attract many visitors for you.

It can be used in many occasions,such as the Halloween,​Christmas day, birthday,

concert,shopping mall and other special events.

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If you want to know how much it costs to order one and please feel free to contact me.
( I will reply you in one worker day.
Also,we welcome you to visit us in our factory. And you will have a good experience to walk with dinosaur in real world.