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Hyphalosaurus lingyuanensis

Latin name Hyphalosaurus
Chinese name of Qianlong
The classification of diapsida Choristodera of Qianlong
Body length 0.2-1.5 M
Weight 0.2-10 kg
The age of the early Cretaceous Barremian -Aptian period
Distribution of Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, China (Da Wang Zhang Zi Xiang) Xiang Song Zhang Zi and Yixian Wang Jia Gou, ten thousand Buddha Hall and other places of the Yixian Formation (Yixian Formation, Yixian white trench Jiufotang Formation (Jiufotang formation
Environmental Lake
Named Gao, et Wang Tang, 1999
A kind of H. type lingyuanensis (Sinohydrosaurus lingyuanensis Li et al., 1999) Lingyuan hidragon
V IVPP 11705 (BPV 398)
The other kind of H. baitaigouensis Lv et Yuan effective, 2004 white dragon Taiwan ditch
Description of Qianlong is a genus of extinct aquatic reptiles, although its long neck looks and in Europe, the Middle East and China Triassic sauropterygia, nothosaurus have some similar; but the skull is double arch type (double), different in broad bow type (hole) nothosauria (recent studies show adjusting hole actually belongs to the double arch). Qianlong is actually from Lombok (Choristodera) Qianlong, Hyphalosauridae, from Lombok is a widely distributed in the northern hemisphere Triassic to middle Miocene of double reptiles, there is a controversy about their systematic position has recently proposed they are based at the beginning of the dragon shape subclass.
Qianlong of the type species of the genus is Lingyuan Qianlong Hyphalosaurus lingyuanensis is the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) Gao Keqin, describe don Zhilu Wang Xiaolin, holotype IVPP V11705; but the negative mould BPV 398 is the Beijing Museum of natural history Li Jianjun et al named sinohydrosaurus lingyuanensis (Sinohydrosaurus lingyuanensis Li et al., 1999), 2001 Smith (Joshua B. Smith and Harris (Jerald D. Harris) in the North American vertebrate paleontology Journal (JVP) "formally put forward China's aquatic lizard is Ling source Qianlong synonyms (Smith et Herris 2001).
Lingyuan Qianlong of the skull of a small, double arch. Vertebral to plano concave, cervical, 19, dorsal vertebrae 16 to 17, sacral 3, the coccygeal vertebra more than 55 to 62; anterior caudal vertebrae have the development of costotransverse. Back ribs, with a S type; at least 13 pairs of back ribs; abdominal rib over 20 groups, each consisting of 3 segments, each of which corresponds to 2 to 3 groups of abdominal rib. Without a collarbone, between subclavian T-shaped; ulna length of the humerus three out of four, tibia length in one third of the femur to the third; carpal and tarsal bone complete ossification; the third and fourth metatarsal length, the fifth metatarsal no hook; front and rear foot all five fingers (toe), the third toe long (Gao, Tang et Wang, 1999, Li et al., 1999, Liu, 2009).
Lingyuan Qianlong revealed in Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, Song Zhang Zi Township (Da Wang Zhang Zi Xiang) and Yixian Wang Jia Gou, ten thousand Buddha Hall and other places of Lower Cretaceous Jehol group (Group) Jehol Yixian Formation (Yixian Formation central King Zhang Zi layer; in 2004, paleontologists in Yixian group layer bit higher Jiufotang Formation (Jiufotang formation found a new Hyphalosaurus fossils and more than 11 gold Hyphalosaurus fossils of eggs, named Bai Tai Gou Qianlong (Hyphalosaurus baitaigouensis LV et yuan 2004), the main difference between white and Taiwan ditch Qianlong and Lingyuan Qianlong is neck is more long, there are 26 cervical vertebra.
Recently, Li Jianjun of Paris, France's National Centre for scientific research (CNRS), chief researcher Beaverto (Eric buffetaut) and the Beijing Museum of natural history describes the a ca. 7 cm long Qianlong embryo or larva K10, think this is the earliest of the dicephaly fossil (buffetaut, Li, Tong et Zhang, 2006); but with fossil network (UUA) Liu (Caesar, emperor) speculated that, this specimen may actually is two press together the individual.

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