Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Life size Realistic Walking Dilophosaurus costume


Life size Realistic Walking Dilophosaurus costume


 Life-size Realistic Walking Dilophosaurus costume


 Mechanical Design:  We make mechanical design for every Dilophosaurus costume, make them have a good frame.This

make sure their air flowing and operating without friction. Then dinosaur can have long service life.

Dino Posture & Color Design:  We design Dilophosaurus costume posture, dino detailed features and dino color before we

make it. 

Graphic Design: You provide us photos and plans, we back to you a dinosaur exhibition.

Exhibition Details Design: Exquisite details design show to customer the final exhibition scene. 

We also provide plan design, Dilophosaurus costume facts design, advertisement design, etc.

After Service:  24 months include installation, maintainence, supply accessories, disassembly & reinstallation.

Warranty parts:  Dinosaur whole body and accessories.

Technology:  Most professional control system with brushless motor, more sensitive infrared sensor.

Life-size Realistic Walking Dilophosaurus

Above photo shows main accessories. We also supply fiberglass rock, game coin, coin box, artifical trees, artifical

grass, fence, LED light, background painting and other essential things to build a dinosaur exhibition.


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