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Mechanical Dinosaur Costume Puppet


Mechanical Dinosaur Costume Puppet Mechanical Dinosaur Costume Puppet Mechanical Dinosaur Costume Puppet


 Mechanical dinosaur costume Puppet


          This good-sharped dinosaur was been made by us ,and we are testing it in our factory before shipment.

All our dinosaur suits will have a test about 12 hours in our factory before shipment

Each dinosaur costume has 12 months warranty

So we can promise the quality to you

Normally, our suit can be used 3-5 years.

Our dinosaur costume has vivid and flexible movements. 

We add more three new movements for the walking dinosaur costume.

    It will be 9 kinds of movements in total.
1.front claws moving(new),
 2. Eyesball moving from left to right(new),
 3. spraying smogging(new),

4.Eyes blinking,
      5.head up and down,
      6.head left and right,
      7.neck turns around,
 8.tail swaying;

 9.mouth open and close synchronized with dinosaur roaring sound

(six kinds of sound could be chosen)

Please view the video................


                                                                                                         Mechanical Dinosaur Costume Puppet


We use stainless steel for mechanical structure inside. 
           It is only 24kg and actor can wear it to walk anywhere and control it easily. 
The skin with high strength silicone materials, prevent the skin torn apart.
    Each product will be tested before shipment

The costume has camera, the performer can be observed external circumstances.

     The performer can operate the handle, which can moving the mouth, eyes,neck


Mechanical Dinosaur Puppet
Mechanical Dinosaur

Look, the teeth were made up of the fiberglass...... hig mouth........
are you scared ?..........

Dinosaur Costume Puppet



Do you want to buy one to play with you?

 I think it will attract many visitors for you.

It can be used in many occasions,such as the Halloween,Christmas day, birthday,

concert,shopping mall and other special events.

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Dinosaur Costume Puppet


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If you want to know how much it costs to order one and please feel free to contact me. 
( I will reply you in one worker day.

 Also,we welcome you to visit us in our factory. 

 And you will have a good experience to walk with dinosaur in real world.