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Mechanical dinosaur skeleton


Mechanical dinosaur skeleton Mechanical dinosaur skeleton Mechanical dinosaur skeleton Mechanical dinosaur skeleton

Stegosaurus Skeleton

Size:7m long,2.5m height.

Also,we can make the dinosaur skeleton as 5m/6m/7m long,please contact us to share your ideas,Walkdinosaur company could custom for you.

Do we supply the metal frame and send it to your place? 

Yes! We supply the metal frame and we can put the skeleton and metal frame into a wooden box 2.2m long*0.8m width*1.25m height. 

You could chose disassembled  for transportation to save shipping fee.

Also,we could ship it as whole piece for transportation if you want.

Main Material :Steel frame + High quality fiberglass (Resin / Glass fabric )+ Pigment

Why there are different color abour the skoleton?

we make the color of the skeleton depend on the color of the local soil. 

You can see color of our skeleton has black and yellow,that is because the stegosaurus is unearthed in our place and the color of the soil in Zigong is yellow,but in some place the color of the soil is black.


This stegosaurus can be installing into a Museum,dinosaur theme park,school and so on.

If you want looking for a unusual stuff for showroom, Sales promotion fair? No problem,we could make a golden dinosaur skeleton. Gold color always attract people's attention.

If you want to know how much it costs to order one and please feel free to contact me. (
) I will reply you in one worker day.

welcome to conteact us!!!