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Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus


Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus


Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus



1.Life Size: L15m x H 6m,

2.Custom any size.


Anti-rust steel frame + High elastic sponge + Non-poisonous silicon rubber



1.Mouth open and close with synchronized roaring sound,


3.Head moving up and down, left to right,

4.Stomach breathing,

5.Neck turning,

6.Tail moving,

7.Forepaws moving (Bipedal).


1.Eyeball moving and shining,

2.Laying eggs, 

3.Water and smoke spraying,


5.Bending the body forward and backward,

6.Body moving up and down, left to right,

7.Fingers moving,

Please contact us to learn more movements we can do


110/220vac 50/60hz 

Control Mode

1.Coin operated,

2.Infrared sensor,

3.Swiping card,

4.Remote control,

5.Initiate Button,


1.Corresponding alive sound,

2.Custom other sound.


Theme park, amusement park, dinosaur park,indoor dinosaur exhibition, restaurant, business activities,
real estate opening ceremony, dinosaur museum, dinosaur playground, shopping malls,
educational equipment, festival exhibition, museum exhibits , playground equipment, theme park,
amusement park, city plaza, landscape decoration, etc.


Manufacture, transportation assistance, installation, maintenance training, 2-5 years maintenance, design, etc.


1.Temperature: adapt to a temperature of -20° C to 40 ° C.

2.Weather: resist rain, sunspot, snow, storm, etc extreme weather.


Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus

animatronic dinosaur showMechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurusMechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus
3.5m amusement park fiberglass cartoon statueMechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurusMechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus


1. Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus

2. Waterproof / windproof / snowproof for outdoor exhibition.

3. Attract more tourists (particularly children)  for your business.  

4.Professional manufacture team.

5. Any size/color is available,Customers can customize all kinds of dinosaurs

6. Provide different exhibition planning  for your business.

7. ISO9001:2008 and BV assessment, CE standard quality animatronics, UL certifacate.

8.Designate appearance and species is available.

9.Can be used in the Playground, Amusement park, Theme park, Children park, Jurassic park, Golf park, 
City plaza, Water park,  indoor & outdoor venues , dinosaur exhibition and so on . 

Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus

Product Description 

Product Name

  Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus

Bland Name

 Chuangying animatronic dinosaur


High quality steel frame, High density foam,silicon rubber, brusless motor


1.The skin can resist sun and rain, keep colorful for up to 3 years.    

2..Also can resist heavy snow in winter. it's waterproof, snowproof,sunproof.

 Power Supply

110V/220V, 50/60Hz.

 Control Mode

Infrared sensor, Coin operated, Swing card, Switch, Button,   Remote control, etc.




Inside  1 year warranty period,we will provide  parts  for repairing without any charges.


Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus


1. mouth open and close with synchronized sound,
2. eyes blinking,
3. head moving up and down,right to left,
4. stomach breathing,

5. tail swaying.

1. water spray.

2. rocking dinosaur rides

3. lay dinosaur eggs

4.rocking dinoasur walks 


You can customized your own movement!


1.Voice of T-rex. It can roaring and shouting.                                      

2.We can also integrate other sound,such as the sound of wind and water running into it.

Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus


Packing & Shipping 

Packing:  Packing by bubble bags / wooden box(or for your requirements).

Shipping: By sea or by land.

Port: Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and so on port in China.

Mechanical dinosaur tyrannosaurus


Full service:

        dinosaur drawing, dinosaur transportation, dinosaur installation,

       dinosaur repair and maintenance, provide accessories and spare parts.

    12 months after service includeprovide accessories and spare parts, dinosaur reinstallation.

 If you need any further informations, please feel free to contact 

                                        welcome to conteact us

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