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New dinosaur description

New dinosaur description
Russia late Jurassic found that currently the oldest of ornithomimosaurs under dinosaurs. The ornithomimus class origin of early and late Jurassic or early -- can swim scale hand dragon Lepidocheirosaurus natatilis
New fossils and ancient forests of Ben long (Kulindadromeus) is the same horizon and may be discovered at the time of theropod fossils with skin impressions
The authors describe the new animal foot class dinosaur -- can swim scale hand dragon Lepidocheirosaurus natatilis, new fossils include fragmentary forelimb, tail vertebrae and angular scales prints, found in Russia Baikal region Kulinda fossils of the late Jurassic (provided).
Hand dragon scales form similar to South Africa Early Cretaceous ornithomimus class dinosaur nqwebasaurus Nqwebasaurus. The author therefore establish new classification en clap Wo Ba Ronco Nqwebasauridae include the two species. In addition, the author thinks that this kind of ornithomimosaurs branch on the predation of smaller prey.

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