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Outdoor Chinese Silk Lanterns With Water Proof Material


Outdoor Chinese Silk Lanterns With Water Proof Material

Item:Art Lantern-38

Outdoor Chinese Silk Lanterns With Water Proof Material

Enter a Sea World of Light

To celebrate the traditional chinese spring festival,most of cities will hold Chinese Silk Lantern Exhibition around 2-3 months every year.The designer will conbine local characteristics and culture to design lifelike lighting sets to greet the China New Year.
See the Yixin City(located in the north of China) Fairgrounds transformed into a magnificent festival of color and light. In the following video,it was Water World Lantern Show. It has around 10,000 square meter for the Lake. We installed around 60 lantern groups,the biggest one is dragon lantern with 20m long. It was in the middle of lake,which looks very magnificent,powerful and attractive. There are some other lantern groups,such as Animal World,Flower Town,Panda Park,which embrace the giant dragon. At night,peacefull lake was lightened by these colorful lantern and it looks very beautiful and all the visitors enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.

Zigong Lantern Industry,it was formed during the Qing and Ming Dynasty and gradually developed into a large-scale folk cultural activity with a relatively fixed connotation, which was carried out in a certain period of time and had certain inherited routes.Until now,we could make some lantern character with high technology to let it move,which looks more lifelike and realistic.Please see the following video. One big man begin to drawing,the big lantern also began to rotate.

More cases will be shown in the following picture and video.

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