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Outdoor exhibition mechanical dinosaur going to shanghai

 Outdoor exhibition mechanical dinosaur going to shanghai

This time they went to Shanghai to attend a big exhibition, a total of 35 dinosaurs, including the 22-meter mamenchisaurus 12 meters long Tyrannosaurus Rex,

Brachiosaurus 12 meters long, 8-meter-long Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus 6m 5 m long Yangtze River Delta, five meters long Ankylosaurus

Lifting process lasted for three hours, and finally installed a total of 15 dinosaurs.
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Simulation dinosaur production can be divided into two processes.

The first is the use of steel production dinosaur holder, together with mechanical transmission, with a three-dimensional high-density foam manufacture

dinosaur part of the muscle, the muscle fibers are then added to the above, increasing the strength of the dinosaur skin, and finally diluted with silica gel evenly

brush formed on the dinosaur muscles dinosaur skin, then spray on the color, the final implanted control procedures, such a complete simulation dinosaur

came out. Such a dinosaur can do eye, head, mouth, neck, paws, abdomen, legs, tail and other movements coupled with appropriate sounds very lively up!
Mechanical Real Dinosaurs

The second is the sculpture of a dinosaur. His production process, materials are two, one, glass, steel, 2, cement sculpture. When you create or required as a steel skeleton of a dinosaur,

and then attach the glass, steel, cement sculpture skin. Such a dinosaur can be made different attitude, lifelike. But he can not do the mechanical movement. He is a fixed dinosaur

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