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Pictures of dinosaurs


Pictures of dinosaurs


Pictures of dinosaurs

This is our hole sale product, Dilophosaurus ride


* What's the size of this dinosaur ride?

      3~4 m(L)*1.3~1.5(H)


*Is the price of $ 4,000 are stairs and coin?

     Yes, the whole accessories for this dinosaur ride is coin,control box,speaker,

fiberglass chair and fiberglass stair

( this stair is waterproof and sunproof, if you don't need this stair,the price can reduce US$500.)

dinosaur ride

*Please inform us whether your dinosaur moves front "hands" - paws?

Yes, the forelegs can be moving,please view our video.(two legs can not walking,but four legs can walk,

such as the Triceratops)

*Please, photo looks like a control panel. Where is it?

Yes , we have the control panel which was settled in the stair.

* Is the strength of the voice can be loud or quiet - roar dynozaura?

Yes, we have a sound box which can be adjust the volume.

*whether the pilot to manually activate a dinosaur?

There are three ways to operate the dinosaur ride, 1.operated by coin(many customers choose this way) 

2.operated by red infrared sensor  3.operated by remote control.

amusement dinosaur


Please view our video, more details you can check

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