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Real dinosaur fossil replica model museum exhibition


Real dinosaur fossil replica model museum exhibition


Real dinosaur fossil replica model museum exhibition 

This dinosaur is T-rex fossil dig product. it is 2 meters long,1.4 meters width. and the weight is only 70kg.

it made by fiberglas. workers needs 15 days to Carve the mold of skeleton and fossils.

Our products can be used in many places within or without your imagination such as amusement parks, educational equipment, playground equipment,theme park,dinosaur park,Square,shopping malls,indoor playground,amusement park, city plaza,mall,dinosaur park,festival exhibition,outdoor,Indoor,museum exhibits,dinosaur museum, etc. 

lifesize dinosaur fossil

color of dinosaur fossil

choosed by our customers or we give you suggestion in different environment

All material and accessory suppliers had checked by our purchasing department.They all have corresponding

certificate, such as CE, UL, ISO9001:2008, and reached environmental protecting standard. 

dig dinosaur fossil

 All of our dino skeleton and fossils are made of advanced fiberglass or gypsum as supplementary. 

And they all can be posed walking, stalking, attacking,running,etc. You just need to notify us before placing order.

Besides,all of our products are of high quality so that they can be preserved for many years.

What's more ,We will handle all the 
whole process and details of exhibition.

dinosaur fossil sale

 We have export our products to  Europe,South Africa, East and South Asia,  Australia,South America, and so on.

Main countries include 
Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Philipines, Australia, Russia, Thailand,Poland,

Spain, Germany, Croatia, etc. 

t-rex fossil replica for sale

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