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Replica Robot Dinosaur T Rex for sale


Replica Robot Dinosaur T Rex for sale


 Replica Robot Dinosaur T Rex for sale

After one month,our dinosaur arrived to Charleston,USA. Look, Dakota and Friends Team is playing with them.

It is so funny. If you like them and please feel free to contact me. Or you can go to Dakota and Friends to see by your eyes.

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Great news for any Toby fans living in NSW - Toby will be "On tour" in and around Sydney from 3rd -9th Oct.
Just in time for the school holidays. Lots of venues will be listed on here very soon so keep a look out. HE IS SO EXCITED!!

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We would like to welcome a new member of the "Real Dinosaurs" family. A female baby T Rex.

She was orphaned at birth and she is sooo cute. 

So we need your help to name her. The person that comes up with the best name for her will win a Toby The T Rex T shirt! .

Please share to help us name our new baby. Suggestions close on 27th July. And the winner will be notified on this page.

Good luck and have fun!! Looking forward to seeing some T Riffic names!

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A great day was had by all today. Thanks to everyone who joined in the school holiday fun!

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Toby The T Rex was invited to a combined 50th and 80th birthday on the weekend.

The guests loved him! So if you have a function coming up and you want something to wow your guests

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