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Simulation Adult Velociraptor Dinosaur Costume


Simulation Adult Velociraptor Dinosaur Costume


 Simulation Adult Velociraptor dinosaur costume

This dinosaur costume is a Raptor costume.
and it has 9 kinds of movements.flexible movements give me best real life.
23 countries customers like ours' realistic dinosaur costume
 Below is our German customer show 

Life-Sized Waterproof Dinosaur Costume Velociraptor
Adults Dinosaurs Costume
 Lucy is a beautiful girl, every time she is best Model of take photos with dinosaur.
so we call her dinosaur girl. In this video is her and dinosaur, 

In below picture,our customer is wearing the suit for show,she is a girl,
and she is best performance of dinosaur costume.they join in a big party in Germany. 

many people like this raptor very much.

Dinosaur Costume Velociraptor
Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Sale
robotic dinosaur costumes
This boy like dinosaurs very much,my customer know this,and wear the raptor costume to visit him.
After it is very pleasant surprise when he saw a real dinosaur.

Adult Dinosaur Costume
Simulation Adult Dinosaur

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