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The study found Spinosaurus is so far the only big aquatic dinosaur

 In the movie "Jurassic Park 3", had dominated the previous two films, "the dragon world," the Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur was killed by another one, so many dinosaur fans filled with wonder. Beat winner is the famous Tyrannosaurus rex Spinosaurus. However, the new study found that, in reality, Spinosaurus fight with T. rex seems unlikely, because the former is more life in the water. This finding, the overthrow of the previous academic dinosaurs living in the land of universal awareness. Perhaps the true history of the world, the dinosaurs more diverse than previously thought.
The study found that there is clear evidence that the Spinosaurus lived in rivers and lakes. It's somewhat like the hip bone whales, which features dense arrangement of bones helps dive foraging, and its nose up at the upper end of the head, helps breathing when diving surfaced. Spinosaurus able to walk, it is possible terrestrial habitats, but it is clear that activity on the land than many clumsy in the water.
University of Maryland dinosaur expert Thomas Holtz said the new find convincing, surprisingly, also shows that in the past scholars of cognitive bias large dinosaurs, dinosaur diversity beyond imagination.

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