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Transformers 4 The ten aspect of extinction of dinosaurs to Optimus Prime riding sword

animatronic dinosaur

The new Chevrolet Ke Mailuo hornet TF4 concept car deduction. JINGWAH times drawing Xie Yao

The robot is a science fiction movie CO produced by Paramount Pictures, Chinese movie channel and Fu's home. The film continues to use 3D camera shooting, the cost is $165000000. The film by Michael Bay director, Irene Kruger screenwriter, Li Bingbing, Han Geng, Mark Wahlberg, et al. Starring, scheduled for today to format 3D/IMAX3D release of the. Headed by the Bumblebee Comay Luo Chevrolet family -- Corvette stingray, a cool, love only Europe, Mai Rui Bao, volt, suburban collective appearance, leading to earth's extinct rebirth. This summary of the ten things, so that you feel the power of the change of 4 in advance.

Once in the "money" in the play group shizuo Mark Walberger and the fitness coach Tony Michael together again. Wahlberg abjection human inventor Cade Jaeger due to accidentally found the abandoned Optimus Prime, did not expect to provoke "bounty hunter" Decepticons and confinement, he and his daughter (Nicola Peltz decorated) life upsets the mess. Cade had to stand up and fight with the car side.

The last known as Optimus Prime Autobot leader, animatronic dinosaur was a military commander and Megatron like one's own brother. In the film, humans began to hunt and kill all Transformers, for human allies Optimus Prime is no exception. This time, the other set Optimus Prime will have a new change, red and blue colors reminiscent of America hero. The figure is closer to human appearance, dressed as ancient Japanese samurai armor. </P>

The 3 Chevrolet Camaro counterattack

Chevrolet Comay Luo morph bumblebee is the protagonist of the series of "Transformers" is a matter of fact, both cute and brave boy character, and human boy Sam share a common fate. But this "change 4" in the middle of the new Sam will leave the friend to perform a new task.

This car will be subject to attack from many aspects, the Hornets will Nirvana rebirth, from the naughty cute robot becomes calm powerful mechanical dinosaur warrior.

"Transformers" series is a major part of those cars make people see things in a blur. Determine the new car is green chrome metal paint Chevrolet 2014 new Corvette sports car (cross line), the debut film, played by Chevrolet Corvette "weapons expert" cross. At the same time, the car will also have a hard Menzerna camp -- from military truck "inspector".

was wounded in an attempt to replace Optimus Prime, Megatron has red spider will throw him into the depths of the universe. Ecstasy was found on Unicron, he implemented reengineering. Subsequently, Megatron became more powerful -- galvatron. In the "4", Megatron confinement reconstruction, but the motivation and details are not disclosed. His style is more tough, more militant. Presumably this Galvatron is Optimus Prime headache. </P>

The role of confinement from "Transformers evolutionary version of" animated series, is a bounty hunter. But he is not loyal to the car, is not loyal to megatron. Just give him the money (or equipment), he can do anything, regardless of good and evil. The confinement in the film is likely to be made by human beings. But I do not know why he broke away from human control, to Megatron into galvatron. From the introduction, the confinement is the most cunning, elusive role, there may be the movie BOSS.

One of the most attractive places in the film, not one of them, is the simulation dinosaur costume  King Kong from G1 came to live in a real movie, continue their legend. Story takes place in the former as "Transformers 3: dark of the moon in Chicago battle 4 years, Bo wild two factions transformers are from earth disappeared, and human beings began new. However, named Card Jaeger scientists accidentally discovered was buried for a long time a Transformers: Revenge of the fallen soldiers, according to speculation it is Dinobots leader, GRIMLOCK. GRIMLOCK occurred to cause the earth to return to earth Transformers army, subjected to the ancient and powerful plug star threats.

8 Chinese Shuabing Hollywood faces

"4" is the Hollywood blockbuster in the use of the most part of the Chinese actors. Participating Chinese nationals (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), actors: Li Bingbing, Han, Wang minde, Wu Gang, Li Junting, Chi Pei Hui, Lin bown mercantile, Zhaoqian, ray Lui, and Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming. The Li Bingbing as a scientist, said, "the show, not a small breakthrough.

The United States and the United States to make this film with more Chinese characteristics. In addition to the Hongkong battlefield, as well as Wulong, Chongqing, Tianjin, Beijing.

From the current Trailer in the trailer, Hongkong is the main battlefield of this large. The Decepticons, the Autobots will be in the Hongkong war. Believe that the extent of damage to the last part of the Chicago.