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Waking the T. rex 3D: The Story of SUE

This exhibition requires a special ticket.

Visited by millions, the world famous T. rex named SUE stands guard over the halls of The Field Museum.  67-million-years ago, SUE was the world’s greatest predator but much of its life has been a mystery to us… until now.  In an exciting 3D film experience, see what scientists have discovered about this colossal T. rex’s life story.  Follow SUE as it grows from a hatchling to a 7-ton ferocious beast.  Watch as SUE hunts, swallowing 100-pounds of flesh and bone in one bite.  Learn the amazing story of how thisT. rex was found in the dusty badlands of South Dakota and join in a real fossil excavation with Field Museum paleontologists as they search for and excavate ancient fossils.  Dare to come face-to-face with this roaring, earthshaking, and breathtaking T. rex like never before in “Waking the T. rex 3D: The Story of SUE,” premiering at The Field Museum.

D3D Cinema and The Field Museum present Waking the T. rex 3D: The Story of SUE. 3D Theater sponsored by Ernst & Young LLP.


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