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What fish is fish dinosaur

Dinosaur fish classified according to appearance: the first is gold dinosaur, green dinosaur, dinosaur remove these types of colors and sizes other than basic, head relatively short round on the palate longer than the lower jaw, looks relatively Q number, dorsal fin is generally 8 (except green dinosaur, 6), shape are relatively small, about 30 cm.
The second type is a large flower dinosaurs, dinosaur king and kuruma Congo dinosaurs, these three seem to be above the transition type between species and dinosaur king, the head of some relatively flat, almost as long as the upper and lower jaw, Congo and the Great flower dorsal fin Usually 8, simulation dinosaurs, dinosaur clothes, simulation animal, simulation statue, plaque section 11, the first two are large dinosaurs, the latter for medium-sized dinosaur.
The third category is three kinds of dinosaur king, including: gold dinosaur king, the king of dinosaurs crocodile, tiger dinosaur king. They are the king of the dinosaurs, are large species, body length can be more than 60 cm, its flat head, prominent jaw indicating that they are ferocious predators, dorsal fin is generally 11 or more.
The fourth category is the straw dinosaurs, this guy is relatively weird, elongated shape than the average of dinosaurs, the first type is similar to the first category, pectoral degradation, but no pelvic fins, a body length: about 60 cm.

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