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While well-preserved dinosaur egg embryos

While well-preserved dinosaur egg embryos

 April 1 reported that the well-preserved fossils of dinosaur eggs containing embryos are exhibited in Russia.

 Experts speculate While dinosaur egg may belong ORNITHOPOD. This dinosaurs 100 million years ago, living in the present territory of Mongolia. Paleontologists in this area are often found fossils of dinosaur bones, dinosaur eggs are often accompanied by near.

 While dinosaur eggs is about 5,000 kilometers east of Moscow Buryatia Natural Science Museum. Ministry of Culture of the Russian republic of Buryatia, said in a statement: "Relatively speaking, While saving egg situation which is likely to be relatively intact embryo 一枚 dinosaur egg fossils,because of its color and shape and other dinosaur eggs. Fossil significantly different. "
 Russian customs border with Mongolia in 2009 in the southeastern border intercepted While dinosaur eggs
 It is reported that embryonic dinosaur egg fossils to study the growth and reproduction of dinosaurs has an important value.

 The fossil still has a little-known history. In 2009, a Polish car heading from Mongolia, Poland, the car just pretended While fossils and mammoth ivory. Russian customs officers discovered by X-ray car paleontological artifacts. And this Polish man claimed he did not know what the box installed, he was just in a Polish fellow to help. Russian customs forthwith While fossil buckle under.