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animatronic dinosaur suit,T-rex costume


animatronic dinosaur suit,T-rex costume animatronic dinosaur suit,T-rex costume animatronic dinosaur suit,T-rex costume

 animatronic dinosaur suit,T-rex costume

For the colors of the T-rex suit,the Dark Brown and Dark Green maybe the perfect combination.
We make it in this color by the requirements of our client from UK. He like the yellow eyes and the dirty teeth.
Finally,we finished the costume with these great idear.


Size:lifesize 4m long/customized to any size;

Material:1. The mechanical structure adopts the stainless steel, the weight is only 25 kg, Reduce the load of performer,

2. The skin with high strength silicone materials, prevent the skin torn apart.

Clients use it in UK for events.....


1. mouth open and close synchronized with dinosaur roaring sound;                      

2. head up and down-left to right; 

3. walking;

4. eyes blinking.

Manual Operation:

1. The performer can operate the handle, which can moving the mouth, eyes,neck, tail.

2. Inside the costume has Air supply system, The performer also won't feel hot in summer.

3. The costume has camera, the performer can be observed external circumstances.

4. This costume use new mechanical structure, any performer can quickly learn the all kinds of action, and action is very realistic.

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