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 The spring of 1985, Sichuan Zigong Dinosaur Museum in Zigong suburb of scientific and technical personnel right Township Peng Chung Tong collected a relatively complete fossil skeleton of Stegosaurus, and put it numbered "ZY-1".
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Zigong Dinosaur Skin
1989 winter, scientists began to trim it a "ZY-1" stegosaurus skeleton. In the framework of the shoulder, he discovered a pair of huge comma-shaped bone spine, called "shoulder spine." It is in trim piece on the left shoulder spine when Ouyang Hui librarian accidentally discovered fossils of dinosaur skin.
At that time, technicians are concentrating on repairing fossils, Ouyang Hui was knocked in the careful observation of the surface of stone and chisel to knock down those rock fragments, hoping to find some plesiosaur teeth, scales and other similar hybodus small fossils. Suddenly, a mechanic cutting down on stone-exposed with a strange flat, scaly surface ornamentation. Ouyang Hui picked up Rockslide debris, found above a reverse image printed on film. "This is not a dinosaur fossil skin it!" He cried pleasantly surprised.
Ouyang Hui so excited is understandable, because the skin can form fossils did some incredible. Under normal circumstances, the first condition fossilized biological remains is to have a part to save the hardware, so only animals inside, exoskeletons most likely to form fossils. But sometimes, some natural factors also make miracles happen by chance coincidence.
"ZY-1" Stegosaurus fossil skeleton Exactly. It is not only complete, but also good continuity, almost all bones petrochemical associate stored in rocks, vividly reflect the circumstances of its life the last moment - unable to extricate themselves prostrate in the mire. This burial state indicates that the first is likely to fall after Stegosaurus lakes killed, and soon was buried up deposits. When Ouyang Hui calm down from the surprise of continued observation, he found rocks embedded fossil skeleton is basically gray-green sandstone, but to save the skin of fossils that are small but uphold purple mudstone. A reasonable speculation immediately surfaced in the Ouyang Hui mind: This is the first Stegosaurus body was buried up in rivers and lakes in the sand when a small piece of entrainment of mud, like a sculptor shaping the statue, like, just under the Indian a piece of skin near the shoulder spine pattern. Coincidentally, found in Alberta, Canada hadrosaur skin is saved in the mudstone.
You know, the ancient fossil life can be preserved only one ten-millionth chance, while fossil bones and skin prints can be saved even less opportunity to say that this is a natural wonder. It is through the study of these rare miracle of nature, scientists have uncovered one Qianguzhimi.
animatronic dinosaur
We know that dinosaurs were reptiles in the old members of a large family, and therefore, the scientists concluded that their in vivo morphology, especially the awareness of their skin surface morphology, often referring to extant reptiles derived from the past. Outside skin most snakes, lizards, crocodiles and other reptiles now have a layer of cuticle, some horny scales, some horny plates. This is a body of water to prevent the dissemination of effective structure to adapt to the dry land environment. Whether dinosaurs also have this scaly skin? Its appearance is like?
Piece from Zigong Dinosaur fossils found in the skin can be seen, Stegosaurus really grow scaly skin, its surface hexagonal horny scales. However, these size scales than in the past with reference to extant reptiles and depicted in FIG. Stegosaurus ecological restoration or portray scales on Stegosaurus statue is much smaller.
Zigong Dinosaur fossils skin after Canada, Mongolia, the United States and the United Kingdom found that hadrosaurs, ceratopsian, ORNITHOPOD and skin meat dragon fossils another major discovery. All of these dinosaur skin fossils, scientists are exploring the mysteries of the Mesozoic dinosaur world provide important clues.
In the UK, we have discovered a bird dinosaurs - color Rideau dragon skin trace fossils shows some smaller and rounded horny scales embedded in the skin surface to form a beautiful mosaic-like pattern.
In North America, scientists have discovered hadrosaurs of "The Mummy", ie the mummified hadrosaur. It shows that hadrosaurs have a very thick skin. Correspondingly, this area of ​​Zigong shoulder spine bone surfaces and body of 400 square centimeters of skin fossils almost parallel, during filling of a few centimeters thick sandstone. If the press is generally assumed that the thickness of this layer of sandstone may represent the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous muscle tissue, but due to the shoulder with a sword dragon sword spine board as is the skin of the bone derivative above it is unlikely to have long thick muscles. It is reasoned that Stegosaurus skin should be very thick. This phenomenon is not difficult to understand, because for vegetarian dinosaur, a thick skin against carnivorous dinosaurs will undoubtedly become a bulwark against certain extent.