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dinosaur sculpture


dinosaur sculpture


                                   dinosaur sculpture
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2.Color:Any color you want
3.Certificates: CE,BV,ISO 2008:9001,CE for dinosaur sculpture
1.MOQ:1 pcs
2.Dinosaur length from 1m to 66m
3.Suitable client:from individual to government
4.Steel frame:Stainless steel pipe,Ultralight,Rust,Tailor made
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Payment:T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P, Western Union/ Western Union/ Escrow,Cash,Credit Card
Shippment:ocean shipping/air shipping,client forwarder accepted or we check freight
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All dinos after client's inspection before shipping
12 months,any Technical problem will under free maintenance
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Real estate opening ceremony
Outdoor/Indoor amusement park
Jurassic dinosaur theme playground
Carnival/Business activities
Restaurant/shopping mall
Educational playground
Dinosaur theme park
Road beautification
Dinosaur museum
Zoo Exhibition
City plaza

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Material dinosaur sculpture
Advanced Silicone Rubber
Durable in Use Fiberglass
Qualified Mental Frame
High-Density Foam 
Normal movements dinosaur sculpture
1.Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound
2.Eyes blink
3.Head moving left to right
4.Neck moving up and down
6.Tail swaying
7. Front legs moving
Special movements of customer option
8.Neck twist
9.Spray water or frog
10. Body moving left to right
11.Body moving up and down
12.Tail moving up to down
13.Ears moving left to right
14.Tongue moving in and out
15.Body rotating moving

dinosaur sculpture

Your Place,Your Rules!
Colors,Shapes,Sizes,Movements,Motors,Plugs,Control Systems
All Follow Customer’s Requests!
Accessories of  dinosaur puzzle
1.Control Box
2.Sensor Infrared Control
3.Integrated Metal Base
4.Power Cord
5.Data Cable
6.Remote Control
7.Repair Box(Repair Parts for Free)
8.Artificial Stone to Cover Control Box and Speaker
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Fiberglass Dinosaur/Animal/Insect
Dinosaur /Animal Skeleton
Dinosaur Ride
Dinosaur /Dragon Costume
Customized Animatronic/Status/Character/Plant,ect

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