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And the beast -- a peer before dinosaurs appear animals of the world

Who put the life of the earth into the human, is a 2 million years ago, the rapid ferocious dinosaurs, or 38 years ago, the first living cells floating in the ocean, why many lives to come and go, is the life of a careless, adventure, or the destruction of the more dangerous?
In the ancient earth, strange animal from scratch, wild animal mercilessly hegemony, brutal fight. The result of fierce competition is that some animals are extinct, others continue to evolve, depicting the blueprint for all living things.
Let us through time and space, back to the ancient, dating back to the evolution of animal tracking.
The ancestor of life
The earth in ancient times, is a world of life.
At that time, the Earth barren, environment is extremely bad, the air is very thin, volcanic eruptions, however, in a hostile world, but a safe haven, that is the blue ocean, earth first life is here static quietly formation, evolution.
In the cradle of ocean, the initial spark of life ignite, unicellular organisms is the first form of life, which is the ancestor of all the future of life on earth.
46 ~ 5.9 million years ago in the former Cambrian, bacteria algae and other single cell organisms began to appear. Over time, the single cell organisms are changing, spreading everywhere. Today, these ancient micro organisms are still living in the west coast of australia.
But in the past, these ancient microbial large amounts of oxygen, oxygen poisoned countless primitive cells. In the extinction of the oxygen in the disaster, some of the cells survived, and in the oxygen environment of prosperity and growth. From now on, oxygen has become the source of life for all the animals on earth ".
So, the single cell biology is how to form a more complex life body?
The single cell has been a long journey of nearly 30 years, only to form a new life. New life is jellyfish from single cells formed multicellular community collaboration. Today, the discovery of jellyfish fossils found in the rocks of the 6.7 billion years ago proved this point.
Jellyfish ancient creatures first to have muscle fibers and simple nervous system, but it has no sense of direction, swim.
Fortunately, a new evolution makes life "moving forward". Is the first head of the flatworm animal, but it also has evolved throughout the journey of life in the first pair of eyes.
If the first brain is a milestone in the history of animal evolution, the first of the animals is not an exception.
Flatworm stomach is stretchable, but only one mouth, so it cannot at the same time feeding and excretion. Then gradually evolved into a circular worm, which forms an inner tube, "tong".
From the mouth to the anus, along the digestive tract to the anus, this "line" means that the circular worm can eat without end. After that, all animals, including human beings, have a gut".
Make a trick
In this period, the animals living on the earth are soft bodied animals, which make them unable to resist the attacks of predators. In order to survive, they had to evolve their own unique skills.
In a branch of the tree of life, evolved a soft shell with the animal, one of the most famous when the number of trilobites. Soft and flexible "armor" to make it able to perform different tasks segment. They move faster and more flexible when they have the.
About 5.2 years ago, a major breakthrough in the history of evolution: the evolution of soft bodied animals, and the chance of life survival.
First "hard shell" probably is purely accidental, because early snail on their back food storage residual waste minerals. Later these waste minerals gradually hardening, form a hard shell.
However, the evolution of animals head and eyes after, actually lead a between hunter and prey launched the "crush plunder" battle of life and death, rush to destroy the life and activates a series of new life. For example, the super - pole beetle appears.
Have a tail in the young ascidian body, a flexible stick tail, this is the first of the spine.
At this point, the ancient creatures have the head, the brain and digestive tract, and the composition of the human heart of the gene, but also appeared to support the skeleton of the body.
The appearance of the bones, so that a wide variety of bony fish flourished, the fish body on both sides of the body has also evolved from two to the body connected with the even fin, so that they become more flexible.
The odd shrimp is the first super predators on earth, it is 2 meters in length, hunt is the object of the original software creatures in the ocean.
It can be said, hunting and anti hunting has become a major driving force of evolution. For hide and defense, most creatures live in shallow water. They have a hard outer shell, which is a creature of armor, and today's insects and spiders are their offspring.
Today, the human hand, the thumb - sized Haikou fish, is a giant in the history of life, because it is the first fish on earth. It has a primitive vertebrate bone, the earliest vertebrate, and the ancestor of all vertebrates.
After millions of years in the past, fish has been basically formed. The muscles in their spine evolved into a powerful tail, and the fins began to appear, and they had a clear head. This successful combination of the genetic future, so that we humans have two arms and two legs.
Animals are constantly evolving, and all kinds of monsters are running wild.
To 4.7 million years ago, Shiru Ki, the animal between the big fight again.
IsBig fight again.
Looking for prey, brontoscorpio height 1 meter long huge gill and stout needles, it will cephalaspis locked as the target. But cephalaspis have evolved alarm system, its skin unique sensor can detect tiny fluctuations in the water, it already feels the danger is coming. Therefore, there was a sudden change in the walk route, get rid of the brontoscorpio attack.
Today, we humans have inherited similar cephalaspis senses, make the skin sensitive.
Pterygotus is the giant sea scorpion, it is the largest arthropod animal, more than 3 meters in length, and a crocodile almost.
Go on land
3.7 million years ago in Devonian, due to climate change, a qualitative leap in the evolution of life forms. The earth is beginning to warm, and there is a long and full of weeds, and the large ferns are flourishing. At this point, insects and amphibians begin to appear on the land. Some fish in the fin and near the head of the position of the evolution of a hard skull and strong muscles, and gradually evolved into an early limb.
To avoid the scorpion to kill. When breeding season, cephalaspis will gather together, fled to the fresh water area on land, tirelessly to swim back to their birthplaces to spawn.
However, the arthropod has taken an important step earlier than the fish.
Brontoscorpio has a huge advantage in this respect. Its gills and lungs are made up of hundreds of layers of thin and thin tissue, which can be transported to the blood through the tissue structure.
With the anti hypoxia system and armor to resist the sun exposure, the scorpion to hunt for food on the coast of the land.
As time flies, some fins evolved to become similar today like quadruped animal. They are the ancestors of all terrestrial vertebrates. With limbs, the ancestors of our human beings can finally leave the sea, and embark on a new life.
In 3.6 billion years ago the Devonian, height over 1.5 meters of the giant amphibian Haina winter bark, is typical of residents on land, they on the shore installation.
At this time, the plant is the food of the animals has not appeared, so, the plant can grow in a large number of forests, and released a lot of oxygen.
For the absorption of oxygen, winter skin Haina evolve complex lungs breathing through the blood, can absorb more oxygen.
Another kind of carnivorous animal is hyneria be insatiably avaricious, it weighs 2 tons, 5 meters in length. It is a huge shark, but also is a piece of cake. It is good for the limbs to help amphibians to escape to the land, to obtain temporary safety.
Fly up the sky
5 million years ago, the sky is still absolutely empty, lifeless. From the sea to the land of life in the land of at least one hundred million years later, there are some of the small animals to overcome the gravity of the earth, light to fly on the sky.
Then, how does the insect's wing be evolved?
There is a saying that all this stems from the insect's love for the sun. Because insects are poikilotherm, so they need to absorb heat from the outside, to maintain body temperature, to ensure the normal activities. Then there may be a small film of the back of an insect. This film helps to absorb sunlight, like today's Micro solar panels.
An accidental opportunity, these "battery plates" enable insects to glide in the wind. Subsequently, the shape of the battery board is more in line with the principle of air dynamics, and eventually become wings.
But there is a loophole in this theory. Because the wing of an insect has a complex joint, it is a movement of the tendon.
Another explanation is that the flight may begin in the water. Many insects originally live in water, they breathe through gills and move the wings, is gradually evolved from the gills.
So what caused this remarkable change?
From the stone flies in North America today, it may be found. The first year of the larvae of the stone fly is almost always at the bottom of the water, until the end of the winter, and the surface of the water, into the adult stage. The longevity of the adult flies is only a few days, and the full meaning of their lives is to reproduce. But to find a spouse, must strive to come to the shore.
Their wings are too small to be free to fly, but their wings are like a sail, and it's hard to find a glide, so that it can find the opposite sex. This may be the origin of insect flight. We can imagine, an ancient insect shaking his cheek, and by the wind in the water set sail, like today's stone flies.
When the gill has evolved to the joints and muscles, can be up and down, then it may be from the "sail" evolved into wings. At this point, the insects are really free to fly.
In 3 million years ago, in the Carboniferous period, swamps and forests covered the whole earth, this is history of the earth atmospheric oxygen levels the highest period and rich oxygen raised a new predators, the giant arthropod.
Giant dragonfly is the queen of the sky. It has a wingspan of about 1 meters, such as size of today Eagle generally, appetite is also staggering.
However, a fire destroyed many insects, the earth's climate is getting drier and drier, the air in the air gradually reduced, many insects can not survive, the era of giant insects is over.
Only our human ancestors of reptiles, with versatile, with complex heart and waterproof skin, a thriving survive.
The survival of the fittest
In the early 2.8 million years ago -- Quiron giant Permian, the earliest reptiles appeared.
Quiron 3 meters in length, and size as large as the hippo, but also with the hippos are vegetarian. Their lives are full of fighting, and the face of extreme climate
, but also in the face of extreme climate change.
In the bad environment, relying on the Quiron giant wing plate back, through the skin in small blood vessels to regulate body temperature. If you need to lower your body temperature, rely on large skin can quickly heat. If you want to raise the body temperature, the wing plate to the sun, like a solar cell plate that absorbs the sun.
This weird "battery board" is a bit of a relationship with us, and we can control the temperature today, thanks to a similar system of genetics.
But Kieron is not only has the "panels" biological, its biggest rival long Spinosaurus and the big guy actually evolved parental awareness, which is a huge leap in the history of animal evolution.
Long Spinosaurus usually attack adult edaphosaurus, it in addition to the sturdy body, powerful and a magic weapon, that is like other mammal like reptiles, evolved unique front teeth. The front teeth can be used to bite chunks of food. Today we humans have inherited the same teeth that we use to eat meat, but our version is much smaller.
In this time, the reptiles have been on the ground to stand firm. Their legs become longer and more running. Their spine and muscles stronger, and evolved a large head, long and sharp teeth. The new age of reptiles is coming.
2.4 billion years ago, the Late Permian, around the center of the earth's land is in the history of the largest deserts in the earth, only like reptiles particularly tenacious of life to here survival.
The weight of 1 tons of Siberia cup dragon, is a distant relative of turtles. Although it has no shell, the back is very hard.
The cup dragon is often attacked by predators. The speed of the action of the teeth is very fast and powerful. It is a deadly weapon unique to 12 cm long maxillary teeth, this is the evolutionary history of the earliest canine. Assault weapons today mammal predators still use this sharp. The early reptiles are more close to the ancestors of our ancestors, and that of mammals.
Gorgonops is the world's top predators, which dominate the 3000 years old in the earth, until the emergence of dinosaurs.
Despite the giant monster appears, but only half a metre in length of the dicynodont still pairs living in spiral hole, it is only fairly cool place in the desert. Although the first mammal to be 3000 million years later to appear, but bidentate animal is the mammal like reptiles distantly related, it special auditory structure and lower small bones, the physiological structure in humans evolved into today's ear.
Gorgonops often went to the pit edge luck, two tooth beast once it bite, immediately be smashed to pieces. But the two tooth beast already received the alarm of the decamp, is a group of similar benefits of living together.
To 2.5 billion years ago, the Late Permian, in the harsh natural conditions and the fierce fight under the weight, many species of animals disappeared.
Fillip for millions of years, to the Triassic 2 million years ago, earth's climate is changing again, desert has stopped growing, composed of ancient conifers giant forest once again return to the earth, life began to recover. Reptiles were the first to restore life, and once again become a family of the earth's family.
In the new forest, herbivores first appeared, Lystrosaurus is one of them. Lystrosaurus and mammals, as well as the relationship between us more closely.
Lystrosaurus every year to the great migration, they have to cross the rivers, but a massacre is waiting for them, Chasmatosaurus will in the Lystrosaurus migration section of the river on the way to pass an ambush, taking it as their own a grand banquet.
The result is Gasma dragons spit a sumptuous gain a complete victory, enjoy the feast.
Despite the mass slaughter, but there are still some Lystrosaurus survived.
However, as the plants thrive again, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, mammal like reptiles of the scenery no longer, Lystrosaurus brief glory days has come to an end.
The next few million years, mammal like reptiles gradually decline. Replace sb. like Euparkeria that creature, they ushered in a golden age. These can walk on two legs of the biological Kingdom on earth the most brilliant laid the foundation, their offspring will in the 1.7 million years later under the guidance of the earth become earth's history the most famous monster - dinosaurs.

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