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fiberglass dinosaur model for sale


fiberglass dinosaur model for sale

1.Movements & Param
1. eyes blink
2. mouth open with sound, and close
3. head up and down
4. head left to right
5. neck turn around
6. forelimbs move
7. stomach breathing
8. body turn around
9. tail sway
10. spine move like wave
11. wings flap
12. lay dinosaur eggs
13. walking
Dinosaur kinds of Omeisaurus was a very long-necked plant-eating dinosaur.
This cetiosaurid sauropod was about 68 ft (20 m) long; it had a tiny head and relatively short tail.
Omeisaurus was named by paleontologist Young in 1939.
Many Omeisaurus fossils (perhaps a herd) were found in Sichuan, China. The type species is O. junghsienensis.

fiberglass dinosaur model

outdoor dinosaur model
real size dinosaur model


Details introduce


Voice of Allosaurus.  fiberglass dinosaur can roaring and shouting. We can also integrate other sound,

such as the sound of wind and water running into it.


The skin can resist sun and rain, keep colorful for up to 3 years.

Also can resist heavy snow in winter.  it's waterproof, snowproof, sunproof.

 3. Steel Frame

The inner steel has been specially treated against rust.

 4. Power Supply

110V/220V, 50/60Hz.

 5. Control Mode

Infrared sensor, Coin operated, Swing card, Switch, Button, Remote control, etc.


fiberglass dinosaur model


1. Control box
2. Infrared sensor
3.Remote controller
4. Speaker
5. Fiberglass Rock
6. Introduction brand
7. Fance
8. Dinosaur toys
9. Artificial tree

fiberglass dinosaur model 


playground dinosaur

fiberglass dinosaur model  

 T-rex mechanical movements video


outdoor dinosaur model

dinosaur for park video



 fiberglass dinosaur model
playground dinosaur

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