Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

life size adult dinosaur costume with furs


life size adult dinosaur costume with furs

                                                life size adult dinosaur costume with furs
walking with dinosaur
We are back!!
                                              welcome dinosaur back!!                            
dinosaur costume  
We use stainless steel for mechanical structure inside. 

   It is only 24kg and actor can wear it to walk anywhere and control it easily. 

     The skin with high strength silicone materials, prevent the skin torn apart.

dinosaur costume with furs
Each product will be tested before shipment
The costume has camera, the performer can be observed external circumstances.
The performer can operate the handle, which can moving the mouth, eyes,neck
dinosaur costume
                                                                                                        1.front claws moving(new),

                                                                                            2. Eyesball moving from left to right(new),

                                                                                                        3. spraying smogging(new),

Our dinosaur costume has vivid and flexiable movments. 

          We add more three new movments for the walking dinosaur costum

                                      It will be 9 kinds of movements in total.

dinosaur costume for gift
                                                                                             4.Eyes blinking,
                                                                                             5.head up and down,
                                                                                             6.head left and right,
                                                                                             7.neck turns around,
                                                                                             8.tail swaying;
                                                     9.mouth open and close synchronized with dinosaur roaring sound

play with dinosaur
                                                      In this video, engineer is testing it to make sure it to move flexibility
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