Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

life size cartoon statue


life size cartoon statue


3m amusement park life size cartoon statue

life size cartoon statue

1.Movements & Param

                                            life size cartoon statue Movements:


1. eyes blink

2. mouth open with sound, and close

3. head up and down

4. head left to right

5. neck turn around


6. forelimbs move

7. stomach breathing

8. body turn around


9. tail sway

10. spine move like wave


11. wings flap


12. lay dinosaur eggs


13. walking


As more and more demands on the life size cartoon statue, our company is engaged in upgrading the cartoon statue, contributing to make the life size cartoon much more attractive by modelling the shapes and painting bright colors, longer the run time in the operation period, make much flexible movements, provide more comfortable saddle when the kids riding on the cartoons.

life size cartoon statue

3m amusement park life size cartoon statue3m amusement park life size cartoon statue3m amusement park life size cartoon statue3m amusement park life size cartoon statue3m amusement park life size cartoon statue3m amusement park life size cartoon statue 


2.Details introduce




Voice of Allosaurus.  It can roaring and shouting. We can also integrate other sound,

such as the sound of wind and water running into it.


The skin can resist sun and rain, keep colorful for up to 3 years.

Also can resist heavy snow in winter.  it's waterproof, snowproof, sunproof.

 3. Steel Frame

The inner steel has been specially treated against rust.

 4. Power Supply

110V/220V, 50/60Hz.

 5. Control Mode

Infrared sensor, Coin operated, Swing card, Switch, Button, Remote control, etc.

3m amusement park life size cartoon statue


                                   life size cartoon Accessories:


1. Control box

2. Infrared sensor

3.Remote controller

4. Speaker

5. Fiberglass Rock

6. Introduction brand

7. Fance


8. Dinosaur toys


9. Artificial tree



3.Quality Control




CE,BV for life size cartoon statue

2. Control box

Independent developed fourth-generation of control box.

3. Mechanical Frame

 Stainless steel and brushless motor make dinosaur using many years. Each dinosaur 

mechanical frame will be continuous operate testing 24 hours before modeling.

4. Modeling

Customize animatronic or fiberglass insect. Mantis, Ladybug, Spider, Ant and Beetle are our hot-sales. Enlarge original insect size and restoring natural insect world.

 5. Carving

Professional carving masters have more than 10 years experience. Perfect dinosaur body 

proportions absolutely based on dinosaur skeleton and scientific data. Show visitors realistic

 and lifelike dinosaurs.

6. Painting

 We create interactive, amazing, quality cartoon statue. The attractive animatronic creatures are realistic, with vivid & smooth movements. What's more, they are Sunproof, Waterproof, Even Snowproof. Thus suitable for BOTH Indoor & Outdoor Use!

7. Final Testing

Each dinosaur will also be continuous operated testing one day before shipping

3m amusement park life size cartoon statue

3m amusement park life size cartoon statue 






Bubble bags protect dinosaurs from damaging. PP film fix the bubble bags. Each dinosaur 

will be packed carefully and focus on protecting eyes and mouth.

2. Shipping

Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou,etc. We accept land, air, sea transport and

 international multimodal transport.  

3. Clearance

Fiberglass-made cartoon statue can be decorated at indoor and outdoor. We are good at making cartoon-style figure and item. You can have dreamy cartoon world!Take Ice Age Animals Alive to real world, such as Mammoth, Paraceratherium, Smilodon, Gigantopithecus...... Are you excited that seeing animals who live 20 thousands years ago.

3m amusement park life size cartoon statue 





1.  Amusement park equipment

2. playground equipment

3. outdoor playground equipment

4.indoor playground equipment center

6. museum exhibits

7. theme park exhibits

8. education models

9.decoration equipments

10.model toys

11. festival exhibits

12. holiday equipment 

3m amusement park life size cartoon statue 


6.Trade Shows

1.Canada Toronto Zoo  (May,2011)

11.America Oklahoma Science Museum (Mar, 2013)

2.Vancouver Hong Kong Center  (Jul, 2011)

12.Poland Gdynia(permanent display from Mar, 2013)

3.Guangzhou Zhengjia Square  (Sep, 2011)

13.Shanghai Cartoony Amusement Park  (regular order)

4.Wuxi Baoli Square  (Dec, 2011)

14.Taiwan Commerce Edifice  (Jun, 2013)

5.Ireland Dinosaur Display  (Apr, 2012)

15.Croatia Zagreb City   (Jul, 2013

6.Zhejian, Yangzhou Jinghua City  (Mar, 2012)

16.Poland Katowice   (Aug, 2013

7.Guangdong, Huizhou  (Jun, 2012)

17.America Hawaii Science Museum  (Sep. 2013

8.Nanjing New City  (Jul, 2012)

18.America St. Louis Museum  (Oct. 2013)

9.America Cincinnati Science Museum (Feb, 2013)

19.Canada Calgary Zoo  (Nov.2013)

10.America Chicago Zoo  (Mar, 2013)

21.Czekh Plzen Dinosaur  (Production completed )

3m amusement park life size cartoon statue