Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

outdoor theme park animatronic dinosaur

 Name: outdoor theme park animatronic dinosaur
AddressZunyi, China
Project DescriptionThe theme park with more than 5000 square meters is located in Zunyi. We made these animatronic walking dinosaurs for it. There are animatronic olorotion, animatronic amargasaurus, animatronic dilophosaurus and animatronic parasaurolophus with vivid movements, such as eyes blinking, head up and down, mouth open and close, etc. and kinds of sounds to meet the sense of reality. Every day, there are average more than 1000 people visiting there. To meet a better satisfaction of visitors, we designed the layout of these animatronic dinosaurs. Someone may ask, ”why outdoor? how about rainy day? is it waterproof?” the answer is “certainly!”. All of our animatronic dinosaurs are waterproof, sunproof and snowproof. No matter how terrible it is, do not worry about them. They are protected by our tough materials for many years. But what if our animatronic dinosaur does not work. No problem! Call us! Good animatronic dinosaur after-sales service is ready for you!