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realistic dinosaur show


realistic dinosaur show

realistic dinosaur show

1.Movements & Param
1. eyes blink
2. mouth open with sound, and close
3. head up and down
4. head left to right
5. neck turn around
6. forelimbs move
7. stomach breathing
8. body turn around
9. tail sway
10. spine move like wave
11. wings flap 
12. lay dinosaur eggs
13. walking
Mamenchisaurus was a long-necked, long-tailed, quadrupedal, plant-eating dinosaur.
Mamenchisaurus had the longest neck of any known dinosaur, except the newly found Sauroposeidon.
Mamenchisaurus held its neck more-or-less horizontally (parallel to the ground).
Mamenchisaurus may have travelled in herds and possibly migrated when they depleted their local food supply.
Mamenchisaurus moved slowly on four legs (as determined from fossilized tracks and its leg length and estimated mass).
realistic dinosaur

outdoor dinosaur model
real size dinosaur model

2.Details introduce



Voice of Allosaurus.  realistic dinosaur show can roaring and shouting. We can also integrate other sound,

such as the sound of wind and water running into it.


The skin can resist sun and rain, keep colorful for up to 3 years.

Also can resist heavy snow in winter.  it's waterproof, snowproof, sunproof.

 3. Steel Frame

The inner steel has been specially treated against rust.

 4. Power Supply

110V/220V, 50/60Hz.

 5. Control Mode

Infrared sensor, Coin operated, Swing card, Switch, Button, Remote control, etc.

realistic dinosaur show


1. Control box

2. Infrared sensor

3.Remote controller

4. Speaker

5. Fiberglass Rock

6. Introduction brand

7. Fance

8. Dinosaur toys

9. Artificial tree



realistic dinosaur exhibition

3.Quality Control


CE for realistic dinosaur, mechanical animal ,BV for dinosaur factory

2. Control box

Independent developed fourth-generation of control box.

3. Mechanical Frame

 Stainless steel and brushless motor make dinosaur using many years. Each playground dinosaur

mechanical frame will be continuous operate testing 24 hours before modeling.

4. Modeling

 High density foam ensure the model more meticulous.

 5. Carving

Professional carving masters have more than 10 years experience. Perfect dinosaur body 

proportions absolutely based on dinosaur skeleton and scientific data. Show visitors realistic

 and lifesize dinosaurs.

6. Painting

 Painting master can paint  dinosaurs  according to customer's requirement.

7. Final Testing

Each dinosaur will also be continuous operated testing one day before shipping


playground dinosaur

anusement park dinosaur 

  T-rex mechanical movements video





Bubble bags protect dinosaurs for park from damaging. PP film fix the bubble bags. Each big dinosaur will be packed carefully and focus on protecting eyes and mouth.

2. Shipping

Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou,etc. We accept land, air, sea transport and

 international multimodal transport.  

3. Payment

About the way of Paypal

this way of payment always in ebay. it is safe too.but it have a high cost for your payment-----5%


realistic dinosaur

anusement park dinosaur video




1.  Amusement park equipment

2. playground equipment

3. outdoor playground equipment

4.indoor playground equipment center

6. museum exhibits

7. theme park exhibits

8. education models

9.decoration equipments

10.model toys

11. festival exhibits

we make some new artificial dinosaurs,including t-Rex,mamenchisaurus,dilophosaurus,triceratops,carnotaurus,psittacosaurus,
pachycephalosaur,allosaurus dinosaur suit etc.They all have a movement of mouth open and close synchronized with dinosaur roaring sound,
stomach breathing,tail swaying, neck moving and eyes blinking.Some of them also can move forelegs.These simulation dinosaurs are all realistic like aliving from the Jurassic Park with a lifelike movement and a vivid color and perfect shape.




anusement park dinosaur

6.Trade Shows

1.Canada Toronto dinosaur park  (May,2011)
2.Vancouver Hong Kong Center  (Jul, 2011)
3.Guangzhou Zhengjia Square  (Sep, 2011)
4.Wuxi Baoli Square  (Dec, 2011)
5.Ireland Dinosaur Display  (Apr, 2012)
6.Zhejian, Yangzhou Jinghua City  (Mar, 2012)
7.Guangdong, Huizhou  (Jun, 2012)
8.Nanjing New City  (Jul, 2012)
9.America Cincinnati Science Museum (Feb, 2013)
10.America Chicago Zoo  (Mar, 2013)
11.America Oklahoma theme Museum (Mar, 2013)
12.Poland Gdynia(permanent display from Mar, 2013)
13.Shanghai dinosaur Park  (regular order)
14.Taiwan Commerce Edifice  (Jun, 2013)
15.Croatia Zagreb City   (Jul, 2013)
16.Poland Katowice   (Aug, 2013) 
17.America Hawaii Science Museum  (Sep. 2013)
18.America St. Louis Museum  (Oct. 2013)
19.Canada Theme Zoo  (Nov.2013)
20.Czekh Plzen Dinosaur  (Production completed )
anusement park dinosaur

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