Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

simulation animal ride for kids


simulation animal ride for kids


simulation animal ride for kids
simulation animal ride adopts full frame type body,
You can remote control the simulation animal ride ,
It can according to user needs to set up running time,
with adjustable speed type accelerator pedals,
and simulation animal ride is equipped with intelligent brake system,
to ensure that child to stop in case of emergency in a timely manner.    
 simulation animal ride  equipped with more than 20 sets of driving music,
every time start random playback, the eye has the function of light, and along with the music beats,
transformation and brightness.
Connecting rod transmission structure is used in the simulation animal main techniques are around eyes blinking, mouth, head, legs,
move up and down, tail swing, abdominal breathing, arms, etc., and cooperate with the sound, light and shade, such as technology,
realize the highly intelligent.