Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

walking animatronic dinosaur clothing for adults


walking animatronic dinosaur clothing for adults


 walking animatronic dinosaur clothing for adults 


This time,we are trying for a more realistic colored look and think that a lot of people will be very very impressed.

1. The first specific is the green eyes . The Design inspiration of the green eyes is from our customer in USA,

we agree with this idea, because the Lizard own the green eyes , it lived in the same period with dinosaur.

real t rex costume

2. The tongue and the teeth. Darken the tongue,make it looks dirty and obsolete,

make the teeth look like the dinosaur needs to go to the dentist.

3. The eyes ball can move left and right.You can see it in the fllowing video. 

dinosaur clothing
When it be finished. This "urchin" came into the office to see our big boss for quality checking,

I think my boss is satisfied with him from the smile on her face!

Also,take a photo in front of the company logo before leaving!!!

dinosaur clothing for adults

Check the video to see the eyes ball move left and right,please!

All of us like it when the dinosaur be finished. Look!!! The lady can't wait to get close to the T-rex.

riding dinosaur costume

womens dinosaur costume
make dinosaur costume

It is time to roal......

The dinosaur have 7 kinds of roaling sounds,you can change it easily with a swith inside the dinosaur. 

dinosaur riding costume

The T-rex arrived NJ,USA  and our clients named him Crunchy T-rex,he jion some events in USA.

Welcome to contact us!

If you want to know how much it costs to order one and please feel free to contact me. ( I will reply you in one worker day.
Also,we welcome you to visit us in our factory. And you will have a good experience to walk with dinosaur in real world.